Search Engine Optimization

Our studio specializes in organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  Our experience with the technological knowledge and the numerous frequent and ever changing tendencies in the search engines enable us to provide you with professional consultation that will also help your website location at the forefront of technology.

Search Engine Optimization enables us to present and emphasize to the focused target audience the list of services and products that you can provide for those visiting your website and transform your website to one that is user friendly for the search engines.

The Search Engine Optimization in the search engines enables you to transform and emphasize to focused goal customers the list of services and products you are offering those visiting your website. 

The detailed content and information in the website should include all the pertinent information that the surfers are seeking out.  We will make sure that we create a complete adaptation between the type of search, the surfer’s thinking process using the search engines, and between the results that will be presented to the surfers in the search engines, through complete adjustment to the information provided on the website. An internet site that is found in the first page of the interpellation search and is located among the first few positions in the results page will obtain much more focused and qualitative exposure.  The more traffic the website obtains from the search engines, with Google at the forefront, will create a greater level of website profitability when translated into sales figures for your company.


Searc Engine Optimization


SEO Services Include:

Building an action plan for the SEO project, building, SEO strategies and SEO management:

– Analysis of the current state of the website at the initial stage, examining the keyword placement in the various search engines including: Google, MSN Live and Yahoo.
– Researching code words for finding optimal and effective key words.
– Examining code optimization, external connections, internal connections, website relevance, website URL submission, improving titles, Meta Tags and more.
– Optimization of the existing content, examining keyword compressibility and keyword placement.
– Recommendations for writing new website content.
– Collaborations search optimized press releases, changing qualitative links, and more.