Privacy Policy

Privacy Standardization on the website –


Distinguished surfers; the website which specializes in internet marketing consultations, website promotions, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Affiliate marketing and internet services, is committed to complete privacy.  Hereinafter “the website” (the internet website that provides information for surfers who are interested in receiving information for the internet services in the studio of Yud Botzer).

Maintaining Privacy on the Website

The internet website is obligated to securely maintain any information that arrives at the website and to our management staff, by the internet web surfers, including inner content, through a detailed receipt page and/or contact system through the website and/or through sending electronic mail to the website staff.

The internet website maintains all rights to use the details of the information that will be provided by the surfers in the internet website for the purpose of statistical analysis and inner-company follow-ups only!

The website does not sell, lease or transfer the contact details or surfer’s email addresses who visit the internet website to any third party, who has an interest in receiving information regarding services that we provide.

The internet website is obligated in maintaining complete confidentiality and discretion of the surfer’s details that are asking to receive information through the internet website.

The surfers visiting the internet website are committed to the fact that the information and the details provided to the internet website are legal and reliable by any laws.  The internet surfers are obligated not to distribute any information and/or junk mail that are defined as spam.  All responsibility that emerges from transferring surfer’s detail in the internet website to the website staff (through the website) is the responsibility of the surfers.

For additional inquiries and details, you can refer to us through the contact page.