Paid Search Advertising Services

Our studio specializes in planning and managing PPC campaigns using the CPC (Cost Per Click) and adverting systems, including: Google Adwords, Yahoo Panama and Microsoft Ad Center.  By using an advertising campaign which is modeled in accordance with CPC we will create focused and qualitative exposure of the products and services on your website by increasing the traffic movement of the interested users, increasing the volume of referrals by using leads and increasing the sales circulation by utilizing a high return on investment (ROI).

PPC campaign management services led by our studio will enable your company to grow and prosper in competitive markets while increasing the profit potential through your website.  Let us plan, prepare and manage the PPC campaign of your internet website and we will make sure to lead your business several steps ahead.

PPC – Paid Search Advertising Services

PPC Management Services Include:

Campaign design, choosing key strategies, planning, launching pages, establishing a campaign, managing it, monitoring and tracking, optimization, changes, daily upgrades,  improving the Quality Score and improving CTR. The various steps entail:

– Researching keywords.
– Monitoring and analyzing the competition’s activity.
– Opening, establishing and defining an account.
– Designing landing pages for the campaign.
– Building a campaign, preparing a budget, divide into ad groups and assimilating keywords.
– Writing campaign ads.
– Running the PPC campaign while monitoring and following up on the surfer traffic in the landing pages, constant improvement of the landing pages for a high quality rank position on the web search engines and increasing targeted   traffic to the web site, ad relevancy, tracing conversion, keyword optimization for improving CTR, adding words, blocking words, negative keywords, improving ROI, statistical analysis, documentation production and more.